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How to Get a Job on Instagram

Instagram is here! And, it could very well be the place to land your dream job or lucrative contract. Now, that sounds enticing, doesn’t it? It sure does, until you discover that you have to put in real work to get what you want. But, then again, it isn’t that hard to get a job on Instagram; not if you know what you are doing. These tips will get you started.

Expose Yourself

This is where it all starts. You have to let people know about your existence. Otherwise, how are they going to find you if don’t market yourself? Start by creating as many connections as you can. Target potential employers and brands. On top of that, get followers. Yes. A brand is likely to hire you to market their products if you have the numbers to show. On that note, visit Income Artist to find out how you can increase your Instagram followers quickly.

Create a Professional Account

If you want potential employers to take you seriously, then you must make your account look professional. In other words, you have to be mindful of what you post. Get rid of embarrassing photos or anything that can taint your image. Also, create a professional username. That way, people can have an idea of what you’re all about quickly.

Create a Professional Bio

Make sure that your Instagram bio is short and sweet if you want to land a job or mouthwatering deal. It has to be compelling too.  Indicate what you do and don’t forget to state that you are searching for a job. You can, for instance, link you Instagram bio to your LinkedIn or your website if you have one.

Share Content

You have to be different from everyone else to attract potential employers. So, make sure that you’re creating shareable content, if for nothing else, to showcase your prowess. Include a resume too. On top of that, ensure that your best photos are career related. Keep in mind that a potential employee will view your profile and see how you are interacting with people.

The Bottom Line

You can get hired via Instagram if you have your act together. Other than the tips suggested above, ensure that you post photos of conferences and events that you have attended. Share videos of people giving testimonials about how brilliant you are. Don’t forget to follow your target employer and keep growing your network.

Is a Nintendo Classic Worth It?

 There is nothing like playing on a classic Nintendo from the 80’s.

Whether you are smashing goombas as Mario or battling to save the princess as Link, a classic NES can provide hours of endless entertainment. The only problem is that the system hasn’t been made in decades and can’t hook up to a lot of modern televisions. Game cartridges and systems that have been sitting in storage for 30 years gathering dust don’t always work right either. Imagine being inches away from the boss level only to get a pixelated screen of death!

For the longest time, there wasn’t a solution to this problem. If you wanted to play a classic video game, you needed to purchase a digital copy on your Wii or try and get your old NES to work. Because so many people demanded their favorite games, Nintendo worked hard to bring the original spirit of the NES back to life.

Introduced just last year, the NES Classic Edition is a small device built with modern technology in mind. Rather than blowing on old cartridges, players simply select from one of 30 preloaded games on the cartridge. This helps them relive their favorite games and better manage your save files all from one central console.

Here are just a few more reasons why retro gamers should consider picking up a NES Classic Edition:



    • Size – this little console fits in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for travel.


    • Appearance – it looks just like the original!


    • Included controller – the classic-sized controller also works with the NES Virtual Console on the Wii U!


    • Connectivity – easily connects to almost any television using an HDMI cable.


    • All inclusive – no need to purchase extra games or DLCs. Everything you need is already included!

The NES Classic doesn’t include a lot of games that people can’t remember. It isn’t like the knock offs that are preloaded with one good game. All 30 games are pure gaming gold. Some examples include all three Super Mario Brothers, the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2, PAC-MAN and Donkey Kong.

If you are still torn between the NES Classic and saving your money towards a Wii U or Switch, try reading a few reviews of the system. is a great place to get started. Look for the NES Classic and many other retro gaming systems revitalizing old games for a new generation.