Gorgeous Lips With Best Textured Moisturizing Lipstick

Lipstick is an important part of your make-up kit that redefines your lips in the most charming manner.  If you have applied makeup, but skipped wearing the lipstick, your makeup will look incomplete. There are a lot of women who just pick the lipsticks on the basis of its color or brand. But, only a few of them know that lipsticks can be picked better by choosing its best texture. Uncountable shades and colors are available in different textures of lipsticks but you are needed to know your signature lipstick that gives you a super gorgeous out of this world look on every occasion.

Lipsticks with different finishing

Lipsticks are different from each other on the basis of their texture. Different texture gives different types of finishing on your lips. Before buying the lipstick, it is important that you should learn about the various textures that are available in the market. Make sure that no matter what texture you choose for your stunning lips, it should keep your lips well hydrated so that chapping does not occur and your lips look smooth and silky.


This type of lipstick gives the velvety touch to your lips. There are a lot of women celebrities who wear matte lipsticks for the stunning looks. Matte lipsticks provide a full coverage on your lips so that you get the perfect bold looks. An excellent note about this type of lipstick is that it has the capability to stay for a longer time without any touch-up. Fuller lips can be achieved with this type of lipstick when applied after using the lip liner. This type of lipstick is generally waterproof so it does not get out of the lip line.


If you want to get smooth and perfect finished lips, satin smooth lipsticks are the best pick. This type of lipstick helps in keeping your lips moisturized. Your lips will look sheen but not to the level of gloss as you get in glossy lipstick. This texture of lipstick suits to women of all ages. Wearing this type of lipstick gives lip balm like look so you can even wear it on a daily basis also.


If you want to get ready for party with a lot of glitz then this type of lipstick is the right option. These days, some brands are manufacturing glossy lipsticks with the moisturizing feature. So, you are needed to check those brands if you want to maintain the health of your lips.  Glossy liquid lipsticks are also available which ensure that your lips are hydrated and nourished well. But, due to the gloss, this type of lipstick can be worn for a maximum of 1-2 hours.  You will need a touch up after 1-2 hours in order to maintain your glossy lips.