Sleeping Problems? A Checklist

If you have problems falling asleep at night you should know you’re not alone. Fixing it might not look like an easy job at first but if you take a structured approach you will find out it’s actually easier than you think, hence this checklist to make you fall asleep like a baby.

  • Dim your lights, perhaps it’s time for different light bulbs or perhaps you should spend less time behind your computer, if you can’t spend less time on the computer you can tone down the brightness of your screen and this will prepare you for a better night of rest.
  • No more caffeine, caffeine has long-lasting effects so the coffee you take in the afternoon can still have an effect on your well being by the time it’s time to sleep. Besides that, it comes with a ton of other negative health issues it might be a good idea to abandon it altogether.
  • Start meditating, this is probably one of the most efficient ways to prepare yourself in the evening, listen to soothing music or watch some of the videos on Youtube that assist you, before you know it you feel all drowsy and are ready to sleep tight.
  • Use CBD oil, smoking a joint always makes you feel sleepy rather sooner than later, and that’s not because of the THC that makes you stoned, it’s because of the many other ingredients, read more about CBD oil here:
  • Sleeping pills, although this is not the most recommended way to get a good night of sleep it is very effective and maybe that’s what you need to go through the initial barrier so talk with your doctor about this, and don’t make it a habit, combine it with other things.
  • Relieve stress, if you had a very stressful day it could help to take a few wines before going to bed, once again, same as with sleeping pills you don’t want to make this a habit so use with caution.
  • Start exercising, it could be that you’re simply not tired enough to fall asleep if you sit on a chair all day and you don’t have any mental challenges during the day it’s hard to get tired, go jogging for 30 minutes a day or get yourself an exercise bike.

See, it isn’t all that hard, there are plenty of ways to solve this annoying problem and all it takes is a little effort from your side. Good night!